Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

Hannah T.
19:02 22 Feb 24
the most friendly and patient staff and made sure i was comfortable the entire time. 🙂
08:36 21 Feb 24
I went back in August for my wisdom tooth extraction, and the process was easy, transparent, and (almost) painless. 45 minutes, in and out. Clean extraction, with the additional tissue plugged into the sockets to help prevent dry socket. Very helpful! The doctors gave me all of the information I needed, informed me accurately, and were very open to any questions that I had. If I had to do it again, I certainly wouldn't go anywhere else!
Sandi W.
21:01 20 Feb 24
Easy scheduling!
Shakira D.
14:04 16 Feb 24
Greetings, I had my consultation today at oral surgery Michiana and this place leads with compassion for patient care . My dental Hygienist EMMA treated be with a warm and loving disposition. Emma is professional, knowledgeable, and you can tell that she cares. As a hygienist she is goes beyond being excellent . If had to describe Emma in one word it would be preeminent (service is great). My surgeon is Dr. Nizza, besides being very handsome he was kind, considerate and took time to answer all my questions . I could tell he was not in a hurry at all. He made me feel visible
ayesha K.
18:02 15 Feb 24
I am extremely happy that my dentist referred me to Dr. Hull. Throughout the treatment which lasted for about a year Dr. Hull and his entire team were awesome! I got way more for my money than expected. The technicians, every single one of them, are super courteous. I have already recommended Dr. Hull/Oral Surgery Michiana to some friends and will continue to in future as well.
Tonya B.
15:08 15 Feb 24
Dr Hull and his team are the best! My 8 year old had an extraction with sedation. She did amazing. She even told them she wants to work there. Fast and positive experience!!
Bob W.
17:06 14 Feb 24
Outstanding doctor and staff. Everyone we dealt with treated us with wonderful personal attention. Would not want to go anywhere else. Dakota, Emma and Heather made the experience so easy and comfortable. Dakota is determined to make your visit pleasant.Doctor Collins really cares about his patients making sure they are comfortable. Melina his assistant was very pleasant and professional at the same time making my visit go smoothly. Joyce made checking in quick and convenient.
Don W.
20:24 12 Feb 24
Dr Collins and his staff are the best. They made me feel comfortable thru a tough oral surgery. Thanks to all of them
J. W.
22:29 07 Feb 24
5 Star Service. There was a nice nurse/assistant named Dakota who helped reassure me that everything was going to be just fine. And it was. Hard time remembering much after the surgery but I wanted to thank Oral Surgery Michiana for having a great staff and being very professional.
Desiree D.
02:41 02 Feb 24
Dr.Collins did an excellent job on my implant. Staff were all professional and friendly.
Patricia G.
00:40 02 Feb 24
Never disappointed with the care and professionalism with Dr. Hull and his staff!! I know I am getting excellent care for any procedure I have experienced today and in the past visits. Thank you Dr. Hull...
Candace F.
15:48 30 Jan 24
Loved this place!! This is how my son feels after getting his wisdom teeth pulled!! He said GREAT! LolStaff was wonderful and we were in and out with in 45 mins. 100 percent would recommend this place! 5 stars absolutely!
Diane G.
03:06 26 Jan 24
I would definitely recommend Oral Surgery Michiana. If you have a fear of dental procedures, as I do, they will reassure you and put you at ease by answering all your questions and just being kind.Forgot to say that I saw Dr Nizza.
Bryce H.
20:23 22 Jan 24
The awesome man and the lovely woman named Dakota were beyond wonderful. Definitely will get more work done here.
Rolly W.
17:20 19 Jan 24
Very pleasant and professional, would recommend to anyone needing Oral Surgery
Josephine C.
22:58 18 Jan 24
From start to finish, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. With having both upper and lower implants, to say the least, I was quite nervous and uneasy. They explained everything down to every detail and answered the many questions I had. The morning of my procedure, I was welcomed and made to feel at ease. Again they covered what was on the "menu" and off we went. It amazes me that they're able to prep, create your implants and attach all in the same day (with a couple prior visits for x-rays and scans). A special acknowledgement to Meagan and Mel, who attended to me for most of the procedure. And to Dr, William Hull who conducted and oversaw everything from beginning to end. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thank you for giving my smile back!!D. Crook
Stephen P.
14:51 10 Jan 24
Dr. Hull is the best. No question.
Harriet S.
03:16 10 Jan 24
Everything went well, appointment completed quickly - Dr Collins shared if I had any problems or needed anything to be sure to contact the office - I've always had great & professional care here
Steph W
19:16 09 Jan 24
Great friendly service
Thomas A.
15:08 05 Jan 24
Great place to have oral surgery done. Great doctors and staff. Highly recommended. 👍
Rodger P
20:39 04 Jan 24
Great service with a (!) smile! Dr Hull is a great guy - very helpful.
Kimberly P.
10:27 04 Jan 24
My experience with Dr. Hull and his assistant was they had great bed side manner, very friendly, quick and efficient with minimal pain!
Julie H.
22:30 03 Jan 24
Prices for implants were much better than I expected.Also, I felt confident after their review of my medical history, X rays andTheir affect upon my upcoming surgery.
Amy L.
19:58 29 Dec 23
My twins had their wisdom teeth removed on the same day. The office staff and Dr Collins made it very convenient for us. The procedure went well and the staff was great.
Martha C.
16:30 28 Dec 23
Oral Surgery Michiana is a wonderful business. The staff is kind and easy to work with. Dr Hull was fantastic. He explained things thoroughly and helped us feel comfortable with the procedures my children would be having. He joked with them and helped them feel comfortable during their visit. We highly recommend this office.
Elizabeth R.
15:34 27 Dec 23
My 9 year old is (among other things) afraid of the dentist and needles, a bit headstrong, a lot stubborn, and had never had surgery or been put under anesthesia. She had to have a couple teeth extracted, and Dr. Nizza and his team made her feel comfortable and cared for. I’m grateful that her first surgical experience was with such a gracious and understanding team.
Ashley B.
02:01 27 Dec 23
Very helpful and caring. My daughter was so nervous about getting her wisdom teeth out. They made her feel comfortable and took very good care of her. Everyone was helpful from the front desk to the provider's.
16:13 26 Dec 23
I got my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Nizza and it was a quick and painless experience. Megan was the assistant who checked me in and took care of me post-op - she made sure I was comfortable and explained the procedure.
Nicole P.
21:59 22 Dec 23
Answered all my questions patiently. Very professional. Thank you so much and I would recommend you to anyone.
Jim D.
16:22 21 Dec 23
Friendly staff. Prompt service. Professional and thorough. Clear explanations relative to oral surgery and issues.
Dori M.
21:08 20 Dec 23
El personal es muy amable y atento.
Fran H.
16:16 20 Dec 23
Very professional and efficient
Joan H.
16:11 19 Dec 23
Great experience from beginning to end. Super friendly staff. The doctor was so nice and gentle. All good!!!!!!
Phil J.
19:45 15 Dec 23
Dr. Hull was excellent. Very professional and pleasant to talk to and his assistant Dakota was the best, also very pleasant and calming.
Shalonda W.
21:29 12 Dec 23
Very helpful and politeThey will sit down with you and explain your treatment plan
Guy A.
18:48 12 Dec 23
Staff provided EXCELLANT service in a very friendly atmosphere.Thank you
Julie L.
15:37 08 Dec 23
Dr Hull was so kind, caring and professional. I left there feeling he was very concerned and willing to do what he needs to to solve my issues.
Ariana A.
19:10 07 Dec 23
Loved the service. Great prices and everything went super smooth. Dr Collin’s and nurse Dakota made my fiancé super comfortable and happy coming out of surgery after goin in super freaked out. Could not be more thankful for them making him happy !!
Marla H.
18:38 07 Dec 23
Very prompt, caring, and friendly
dar S.
17:47 04 Dec 23
Pleasant staff knowledgeable good experience despite having all my teeth pulled in prep for dentures
Samantha F.
16:18 04 Dec 23
Dr. Collins and his assistant Melina were amazing seeing my son after a hockey injury. Melina was very considerate in helping he get x-rayed and talked us through everything she was doing. She and Dr. Collins did a quick suture on his chin and we were in and out quickly. Highly recommend them both for any oral surgery needs!
Tara T.
21:01 03 Dec 23
Highly recommend
R/T G.
19:03 01 Dec 23
Very professional and excellent staff!
Ron B.
18:14 01 Dec 23
Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional..thumbs up
Wayne L.
19:47 30 Nov 23
They went over and beyond what I expected. I'd recommend them 100%.The whole staff was amazing! Thank you very much to all of them.
Bayliss P.
16:25 30 Nov 23
Dr. Collins and his staff are friendly and informative. This was my second emergency extraction done by them and both times he put my anxiety at ease. Highly recommend
Isabel H.
15:16 30 Nov 23
My daughter came in for 6 baby teeth extractions. I was more nervous than she was about how she would handle the procedure and post op. However, Dr. Collins and the staff made sure she didn’t feel an ounce of pain. Top notch compassionate care and we couldn’t be happier. We were in and out in less than 45 minutes which was a blessing. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism 💕.
Catrina K.
02:17 29 Nov 23
Honestly as someone with MAJOR anxiety and has never had a single tooth worked on/pulled. Leaving this office after having 17 pulled was an absolutely amazing experience (as much a dental surgeries could be amazing lol.) they answered any questions I had and asked me several times if I was okay. I swear they told me to bite something and the next minute they were removing my IV and I was done. The iv sedation was great for a first time experience and every staff member from consultation up to surgery every staff member was polite and very encouraging. Never seemed judgy at such a young lady having to remove & get dentures (I’m 27.) I would recommend them to ANYBODY!
Bohn R.
21:39 28 Nov 23
Wonderful patient kind
Beverly R.
17:57 28 Nov 23
The doctor and medical staff were outstanding
Carolyn M.
19:11 27 Nov 23
Very gracious and kind people/office staff. Helped me relax as much as possible. Thank you, for all your help,
Viviana G.
15:55 19 Nov 23
I’m an so thankful for finding this place and team. I have been putting off a wisdom teeth surgery for 10 years, and Marylane, Stephanie, Megan, Dr. Nizza, and Jadira all played a big part and made the process so smooth. They were fast, professional and efficient.
Audra W.
19:03 17 Nov 23
The surgeon and nurse we met with were amazing with my five year old. So much so that he chose to speak his gibberish secret language he usually reserves for his best friend.They were kind, direct and able to come up with a plan for us that works without making us feel uncomfortable for having state insurance. I will definitely be recommending this practice to anyone that needs help in this area.Update and follow up!: my son had his surgery today and they couldn't have been kinder and better with him. From the moment we walked in the receptionists were great with him. The nurse was exceptional at cheering him on to go back for surgery and she did amazing when she brought him out to me afterwards. Our doctor explained how everything went, went over any questions I had and made sure I understood the aftercare instructions. My little guy was in great hands and is already feeling better.
Irene O.
17:08 17 Nov 23
Awesome place staff and drs did great withme. I got all my wisdom teeth pulled and I was in and out within an hour. My healing process has been a piece of cake 😊
Natalie K.
21:47 16 Nov 23
Everyone was friendly, polite, and extremely helpful. Dr. Collins put my son at ease and was amazing. We could not have asked for a better experience.
Jonathan H.
17:56 14 Nov 23
Was nervous about my visit but the staff made me feel very at home and comfortable.
Mike S.
21:17 13 Nov 23
Great staff great doctor !
Ashlyn Z.
16:06 10 Nov 23
Great staff and very professional and calming did extractions on my 5 and 8 year old. They left without a negative experience and took less then hour
Tyler J.
15:39 10 Nov 23
I choose to stay awake getting 3 of my wisdom teeth removed and I was in and out faster than any other dental thing I've had done over the last 30 years.. Highly recommend!!
Lonny D.
02:02 09 Nov 23
Very professional everyone there makes you relaxed during your procedure thanks everyone
Tabitha B.
00:47 31 Oct 23
I thought they was very friendly and I loved the service that I got while I was there.i will be returning to them thanks a lot for the nice and friendly gratitude.
Mark E.
20:13 25 Oct 23
Excellent personnel. Very professional.
Tori Y.
21:20 24 Oct 23
Beautiful facility, kind staff. Dr. Hull has excellent explanations of procedure and skill. Highly recommend!